Carefully Handcrafted with the Finest Quality Materials

Premium Grade Soft Leather and Viscoelastic Polymer

Provides the ability to maintain its shape, stretch, deflect an applied load and absorb shock makes it ideal material for supporting spine health.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Black Anodized Slider

A strong and supple cord works with the high-grade slider so adjustment is smooth and secure.

Industrial Grade Eyelets and Crimps

Provides strength and longevity.

Custom Hook Options

Choose from a nylon fiber plastic, 24k plated, or unfinished brass or the custom “J” hard thermoplastic coated metal hook.

three colors of sax gel straps

Joe Talks Straps

What Makes Our Strap Effective

Joe Rohrbacher discusses his neck injury, loving his music, and creating a product to play in comfort.

What Others Are Saying

“Thanks for a wonderful product. Beyond being old-school stylish, it performs. Good-bye neck pain. At one point, I had toyed with getting one of those unconscionably ugly harnesses, but then this came along. Now it seems as though I can play pain-free, well, forever. Or, to be truthful, for as long as an audience can endure me.”

– Jim Conaty

“This is by far the most comfortable conventional neck strap I’ve ever used, hands down.  The cushion gel pads leave a nice space for the bones of your neck to pass through, keeping the weight of the horn off the back of your neck.  I don’t like the upper torso restriction of a harness and like the freedom of a regular neck strap design.  This is the best straight-forward strap I’ve ever used.”
– Matt Otto
“Joe, Got my strap in the mail yesterday.  It is perfect!  So unbelievably comfortable!  I am certain I will love this strap more than any other I’ve ever tried.  Thanks so much for the great sax product!”
– Waylon Hicks
“Joe Rohrbacher has designed what I think is the best strap design I have seen to date. Well made with an intelligence about what a sax player needs. Congratulations Joe on some good work and thoughts.”
– Bob Ackerman
“Since I’ve been using Joe’s new neck strap I’ve been able to play tenor again with a strap instead of a harness.  Very easy on the neck, and doesn’t pinch the vessels on the side of the neck like many other straps do.  The quality of materials make it a joy to put on!”
– Gary Harris

Now with More Options

Just choose your color of leather, strap length, and your hook and slider option, and you’ll be on your way.

For helpful tips on selecting your strap length, see this video, Determining the Right Length.