“Seconds” Special

We have a limited number of straps with minor cosmetic flaws.  We are happy to sell these as “seconds” at a discounted price of $65 plus shipping.

These straps come with all the comfort and care of our standard Saxophone Gel Strap.

Strap-Streched-Brass-copySee Sample of Cosmetic Flaws

Select the length and hook for your “Seconds” Special Saxophone Gel Strap.


Length Option
Hook Option


  • Strap Length Information

    Short: - Best suited for beginners or those around 5' tall. Maximum Length 19"---- Medium: - Works well for most adult alto players. Maximum Length 21"---- ML: - *Our Most Popular Model* - Covers tenor players nicely with minimum excess for alto doublers. Maximum Length 23"---- Long: - Great for really tall tenor players. Maximum Length 25"---- X- Long: - Plenty of length for bass clarinet players. Maximum Length 27"----For more help, please view the video on the purchase page.